March Fundraiser – Kids Need to Read

In March, we made a $255.46 donation to Kids Need to Read in honour of Nathan Fillion’s birthday. Funds were raised through a penny drive, bottle drive, and selling Jayne Hats prior to our Hero of Canton flash mob. An extra pat on the back goes out to the Semper family, who raised $175 of the total donation this month; must have had bags of pennies hiding in closets!

And now, without further ado, the flash mob video!

Round of applause

With Edmonton Expo and the Pure Spec knit-a-thon right around the corner, it’s time to take a few moments and thank our knitting army. They work their fingers to the bone to help raise funds for EQ, KNTR, and!

When you buy a hat from us, please keep in mind that our knitters devote countless hours making these hats. OK, some of them counted and have determined they’ve spent over 750 hours knitting Jayne Hats over the past 12 months (Bev, Sheelagh)!

The team is made up of many people and varying skill levels. Some are locally made (Edm & area), some are made by friends and family of AB Browncoats located in other provinces (BC, NB) and we even have a volunteer knitter located in OH, USA!

Sometimes hats are big. Sometimes they’re tiny. Sometimes there’s a dropped stitch or slightly silly ribbing. As we all know, Ma Cobb had some challenges knitting the perfect hat as well… All are perfect as they raise funds for great charities.

So from all of us, to our knitting team, thanks so much for everything you do!

Jayne Hat Pledges for CCEE

Just a reminder that hats pledged by our Browncoat knitters are due on March 31st. Don’t forget to email and indicate your name, preferred contact (email is fine), and make arrangements for hat pick-up/delivery.

If you’ve already delivered hats, please send a quick email to with your name a contact email address for the contest.

Contest prizes include:
– James Hance “Firefrog” print
– Alberta Browncoats Tshirts
– Browncoats: Redemption DVD