2010 Disbursements

Our local charity selection for 2010 is the Women’s Emergency Accommodation Centre (WEAC). WEAC offers short-term emergency housing to homeless and transient women who have little or no income and provides free semi-private rooms, meals and clothing to women-in-need 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. The women who come to WEAC may be trying to overcome mental health or substance abuse problems, they may be leaving prostitution or abusive relationships, or they may simply be alone, poor and without support.

Kids Need to Read

In addition to Equality Now and our local charity partner, in 2010 we decided to hold a small silent auction to benefit Kids Need to Read. Kids Need to Read was founded by Denise Gary, author PJ Haarsma and his good friend and native Edmontonian, Nathan Fillion.

2010 Alberta Browncoat Society Charitable Donations

In 2010, the Alberta Browncoat Society raised a total of $3977 CAD for various charities.

  • Equality Now: $2,651.00 CAD ($2,503.54 USD)
  • WEAC: $971 CAD
  • Kids Need to Read: $230.14 CAD ($215.25 USD)
  • Edmonton Food Bank: $140 CAD