Happy Harbor Comics

We’re very proud to have Happy Harbor Comics as one of our sponsors. Not only because it’s a well-stocked comic book store our members frequent but also because it’s a safe  space for geeks and nerds to hang out. They enjoy giving back to the community.

Happy Harbour Comics offers a dedicated gaming area, which can be rearranged for different events. This separate space means customers and event participants are never tripping over each other.

They offer lots to do! Their monthly newsletter is full of activities, art shows and fundraisers for the community including weekly meet-ups called ‘Nerds n’ Nachos’ at Pub 1905.

They feature an Artist in Residence program the only program of its kind in Canada. “An initiative designed to help local artists supplement their income and provide them with a unique environment to hone their craft and skills while allowing them to interact with the community, exposing and promoting the art and process of comic creation.” (happyharborcomics.com)

They have been sponsoring the Can’t Stop the Serenity screenings since their debut in Edmonton and continued their sponsorship when the Browncoats took over responsibilities. They’ve also been a place to buy tickets to our events, a space for us to screen “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog”, “The Guild” and “Legend of Neil” and a place for the fans to buy Whedon merchandise.

Happy Harbor comics is located at 10729 104 Ave NW in Edmonton. Their phone number is: (780) 452-8211. Visit their website to learn more about the store and their roots and for their newsletter, services and in stock product guide: http://www.happyharborcomics.com/