Acquiring a Toque

With over 750 not afraid of anything toques knit since 2009, we’ve become Western Canada’s go-to source for a lovely autumn-coloured knit earflap toque.

The easiest way to obtain a hat is to attend an Alberta Browncoats Society event. If we’re not in your neighbourhood, you can also acquire one at Alberta’s comic and entertainment expos. The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo takes place each spring while the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo brightens our autumn. We also sell the hats at Edmonton’s Pure Speculation Festival.

Unable to make it to our charity booth at one of the conventions? Don’t fret. We take commissions for hats from anywhere in Canada.* To order your very own not afraid of anything toque, send us a wave. Once we’ve established shipping costs we’ll send you an invoice via PayPal.

To accommodate allergies and save our pennies we knit our hats using acrylic yarn. If you’d prefer to have a wool (or even alpaca) toque, please let us know. They will be a bit more expensive, as the wool will cost more than acrylic, but your toque will be made with extra care and attention. And perhaps whilst the knitter is wearing gloves.

We charge 30$ CAD for these masterpieces, plus the cost of shipping and handling. We’ve learned from experience that it’s cheaper to ship toques using the preset Canada Post boxes than a manila envelope or odd sized box when choosing the regular mail option. The boxes range from 4-6$ and the size is selected based on the number of hats we’re shipping. Box purchase costs aren’t incurred if you choose to ship Express Post as the Pack option is usually included in the shipping fees.

The proceeds from our hat sales help pay upfront costs for our charity fundraising events and remaining profits from sales are split between Kids Need to Read, Edmonton’s Youth Empowerment and Support Services (YESS), and local Albertan not-for-profit groups.

*If we know of a local Browncoat group in your area, we’ll often steer you in their direction. That way, they can boost their charity fundraising and you’ll get to save on shipping costs.