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We held our first meet and greet Shindig recently and think it was a smashing success. Don’t take our word for it though. One of our new members wrote about her experience at the event:

The Alberta Browncoat Society held its first ever Shindig on November 17, 2012 at the Alberta Place Suite Hotel. Attendance numbered over 35 folks who came out to share their love of Joss Whedon’s *Firefly* and *Serenity*. The event had a nibbles buffet as well as a group sing with music provided by the talented Vanessa Cardui.

Not only was it ABS’ first Shindig, it was also my own first incursion into a fan group like this. I was nervous as I  walked in, but right away people made me feel included. As a girl in a geek world, I often feel alone. But I definitely felt some vindication to see a large cross section of enthusiasts, both male and female. There was the obvious conversation centered around the ‘Verse, but as the night moved forward subjects far and wide were debated. I was disappointed not to win one of the amazing door prizes, but the second go of “Hero of Canton” quickly cheered me right up.

I love the fact that science fiction fans are so warm and welcoming. We have a sense of community, and work hard to exemplify the values we watch every week. ABS, and indeed Browncoats around the globe, show their support of Equality Now as well as other local charities with the yearly Can’t Stop the Signal fundraiser. Since the 2006 inception of Can’t Stop the Serenity, over $600,000 worldwide has been raised.

Thanks to Pockee for taking the time to write our first event review.

Due to the busy holiday season, we won’t be planning a gathering in December. However, we’d like to have a group dinner in January. Stay tuned for updates.

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