CSTS 2012 – Event Parking

Everyone in Edmonton knows that parking is limited near the Garneau Theatre. The Garneau School (10925 – 87 Avenue) has graciously offered us use of their parking lot for Can’t Stop the Serenity. Parking passes will be distributed by volunteers when you arrive at the lot beginning at 11:55am until 12:25pm. Passes are valid until 5pm.

If you arrive at the event after 12:25pm, please ask for a parking pass at the ticket office and place the pass in your vehicle immediately.

Parking is at a premium at Garneau School. There are limited numbers of spaces for visitor parking in the east parking lot and the numbered spaces are designated staff parking only. There are two areas on 86 Avenue that are designated bus zones where parking is not allowed during the day.

If the lot is full when you arrive, please use the street parking (read the signs carefully as times vary) or the limited spaces marked ‘visitor’ in the West lot. Guests are advised to be careful not to park in designated EMERGENCY PARKING AREAS in the east and west parking lot.

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