2016 Serenity Screening @ Garneau Theatre

On Saturday June 25, the Alberta Browncoats teamed up with Pete, Dan, Brad and
the rest of the Metro Cinema Society to host a screening of Serenity.

Over 130 people came to the screening and partook in the Browncoat
experience. They enjoyed hearing about the work we have done over the 6
years we have existed. Many came in costume so we knew that most people
were already unaffiliated Browncoats. The door prize competition had 8 very
happy winners as they searched the theatre for the prizes of Alberta
Browncoat merchandise and Nathan Fillion autographed items.

We hosted a very success silent auction and raised $600 for our two
charities. The auction proceeds will be split between WEAC (Women’s
Emergency Accommodation Centre) and YESS (Youth Empowerment and Support

Many of the Browncoats promised to visit us at our Booth at comic and
entertainment expo in September 23-25 in Edmonton.

Thanks to Drew and Sheelagh for organizing everything beforehand. Thanks
also to Andy, Natalie, Clinton & Doug for showing up and working on the

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