Earth That Was: Star Wars Exhibit [02/2013]

Event: Star Wars: Identities Exhibit at Telus World of Science
Intrepid Reporter: Wendy

It was a dark and stormy night. On Hoth I think. Or maybe Tatooine. Or maybe the Telus World of Science in west Edmonton. A small collection of Browncoats gathered together to determine their Star Wars alter ego’s. Were they Wookie (Alex, I thought this might be you), a Kel Dor, Ewok (Jeri, this didn’t surprise me at all) or maybe even a real life human?

The afternoon was spent on an adventure to explore how our planet of origin, genetics, parental influences, friends, events, culture, mentor, occupation and choices determine who we are, or at least who our Star Wars character is. As we moved through the exhibition, the Browncoats chose from a number of options at each stage to develop our character. Along the way we were able to take a good look at 200 or so original costumes, props and art work, much of which had never been out in public before. Who would have expected to be face to face with Darth Vader, or to see the various drafts of Yoda (including the one where he looked like a garden gnome), or the original artwork of Leia and of Luke. There was definitely something new to see around every corner.

After about 3 hours, our quest drew to an end and we were able to reveal our new persona’s to the world and to email our profiles home for further study. A post-mission debrief at the nearby Boston Pizza rounded out the day. Everyone headed home with tired feet and full bellies. It was a big shiny day to remember.

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