yeggies-nominee-non-profitLast week we learned that the Aberta Browncoats were shortlisted for an Edmonton New Media Award (#yeggie) in the non-profit category. I was so excited by the news that there might have been tears. Either that, or I swallowed a bug.

This is the inaugural year for the #yeggies so we’re thrilled to be included. Sometimes it feels like we’re screaming off into the ether and I occasionally wonder if the work we do is noticed. We second guess what we do and how we do it because we’ve had no formal training in event planning, promotions, media relations or running a non-profit organization. We were (and at heart, still are) just a bunch of TV show fans that decided to get together and do something right. Our nomination, received from an unknown (to us) source, proves that not only are people receiving the signal but that they’re sharing it, interacting, and participating in our mission. And that makes us feel incredibly mighty this week.

We’ve got some incredibly tough competition in our category and as cliched as it may sound, I do think we’re all winners. All nominees in all categories did something that resonated with the members of their community or Edmonton in general; connecting with others via blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, etc., spreading their message, and hopefully making friends and supporters along the way.

Our category:

Best in Non-Profit: There are non-profit organizations out there using social media to inform and engage with people about the causes near and dear to them. These organizations might use social media to campaign, or simply to communicate with community members about the issues they support. The winning organization here feels like it’s part of the community — not simply by virtue of the work it does, but because of how it helps to contribute to the ongoing discussion in and about Edmonton.

A complete list of nominees is online at http://www.yeggies.com/nominations/

To our anonymous nominator. Thank you.

Chair, Alberta Browncoats Society