Still flying after all these years!


Map of booth location 2504.

Booth location 2504.

Join us from September 20-22nd at Edmonton Expo for a  weekend of fandom and fun. You can find us at booth #2504, across from the food court and not too far away from the ticketing hall and panel rooms.  Hop inside the doors and look to your right. You should be able to see Serenity once you walk through the doors..

You bring your wallets and we’ll bring a gorgeous Lego Serenity designed and built by Don Verrier, a new game to play, and lots of shiny goodies to spend your credits on.

As in previous years, we’ll accept payment in cashy monies, credit and debit and all proceeds from funds raised at the booth this year will be donated to Edmonton’s Youth Empowerment and Support Services ( and the Women’s Emergency Accommodation Centre (e4c Alberta).

Lego Serenity. Designed and built by Don Verrier

Lego Serenity. Designed and built by Don Verrier. Serenity has been signed by Nathan Fillion and Mark Sheppard. Once she has collected a few more cast signatures, we’ll auction her off for charity.