Edmonton Expo – Prize Draws

Good morning everyone.  We hope you had a great Expo. If you purchased a raffle ticket this weekend, and didn’t make it back to our booth to check the numbers, no fear. We have all the details ready to go…

  • Friday – 1655355 CLAIMED
  • Saturday – 1655431 Redraw #: 1655426
  • Sunday – 1655526 CLAIMED
  • Grand Prize (Geekograph) – 1655444 Redraw #: 1655481 CLAIMED

As you can see, we’re still waiting to hear from our Saturday and Grand Prize winners.

We will keep posting the numbers on Facebook and Twitter for 1 week to give people a chance to claim the prizes. If we don’t hear from anyone by Monday, October 5, we will redraw. We kept all the tickets and hope you kept yours as well.

As shiny as winning a prize is, everyone who participated should give themselves a giant pat on the back. Between the Serenity screening, draw, and booth shopping, you’ve helped raise $1335.46 this weekend. We’ll be dividing the proceeds between YESS and WEAC.

Edmonton Expo – 2015


If you’re heading to Edmonton Expo, don’t forget to stop by our charity booth Friday-Sun (Booth 1205). This year we will be raising funds for locally based shelter programs YESS (http://yess.org/) and WEAC (http://e4calberta.org/programs-services/shelter-and-housing/weac/).


Serenity Charity Screening

Don your best flowery bonnet, grab your rain stick & join the Alberta Browncoats for a charity screening of Serenity (2005). This is an un-ticketed event; your Edmonton Expo ticket (Friday or Weekend pass) is all you need to come join in on the fun.

This is a charity screening so donations will be greatly appreciated. Donors will be eligible for door prizes. Remember last year when we gave away a few Nathan Fillion autographed items as door prizes? Keep that in mind 😉

Prior to the movie, we will be hosting an evil laugh contest, costume contest, live auction, and giving away the door prizes.

Location: Room 104
Time: 6pm – 9pm


Meet the new leader of our knitting army

Fabulous news folks, we have found Jayne’s Dad; if Jayne’s dad were young, adventurous and brave. As you may recall, our knitting group was in danger of dissolving for a period of time as we didn’t have any one to lead it. The loss of a few months knitting would have been tragic as our hat sales account for approximately 50% of all the funds we’ve raised for charities to date!

Luckily for us, Seamus O’Donoghue wanted to join the knitting group. And, when we told him that it was on hiatus and why, he offered to take the lead.  And, to keep the transition as “normal” as possible, Seamus has decided to keep knitting nights on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at the Carrot (9351 118 Ave). He’d loaded up with yarn and is ready to collect all our lovely knitted goodies.

We’ll be back knitting on Sept 9th, taking a break on Sept 23rd for Edmonton Expo prep, and back to the normal routine on October 14th. Seamus will post reminders about knitting and taking requests for yarn on our Facebook page and will be joining the FB page admin team.

Every wanted to sail a Firefly?

Looking for a new hobby? Want to help get Serenity back in the air (as a flying RC model)? Located in Edmonton and surrounding area? Have we got the project for you!

Robert is looking for people with experience (or interest) in molding fiberglass or carbon fiber body parts for a Serenity model project. The molds have to be hand carved from foam insulation as do many of the smaller parts; so people with some skill in carving foam would be greatly appreciated. In addition, some parts also need to be hand cut from carbon fiber, so people with experience in this task are on our “must have” list.

Not sure these are you skill sets? No worries. There’s lots to be done on the project. Robert will need a whole team of shipbuilders to help with fiberglass, sanding, paint, cutting and fitting cf board, foam parts, and so on.

Interested in learning more? Send us a wave and we’ll pass your information on to Robert.

In search of…

UPDATE AUG 11 – Sadly, no one has stepped forward as the new group leader for our knitting nights. For the time being, all future knitting sessions are cancelled. If you have hats or need yarn, please send us a wave and we’ll try to arrange one-on-one meetings.  If you’re interested in leading the group, please let us know.

… fearless leader for Ma Cobb’s knitting army.

Currently our volunteer knitting group is led by our board Chair. However, she’s run away to grad school and can’t guarantee a schedule to accommodate knitting nights in future.

Knitting not afraid of anything toques is an important part of our fundraising (and social) activities, we’d hate to see the group die off while she’s unavailable to manage the ins and outs of the group over the next few years.  With this in mind, we’re looking for a new volunteer coordinator to be responsible for Ma Cobb’s Army.

Currently, we’re meeting at the Carrot Community Coffee House (9351 118 Ave NW, Edmonton) every 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month from 6:30-9pm.  The new coordinator may change the date/time and location to meet their scheduling needs.  If a new date, time or location is selected, this information will need to be communicated to our knitters at least a week in advance and the Shindig calendar will be updated accordingly.


  • Attend all knitting scheduled knitting nights.
    • Must remain on site for at least an hour from start time to allow volunteer knitters an opportunity to arrive before leaving location or cancelling scheduled meet-up.
  • Post knitting night reminder message on the Alberta Browncoats Facebook page 1 day before scheduled meet-ups.
  • Keep track of yarn and provide to volunteer knitters as requested.
  • Collect hats and pompoms.
    • Sew pompoms on hats
    • Check hats to see all threads are sewn in, etc.
  • Reply to email questions relating to knitting group.
  • Email copies of knitting patterns (upon request).

Payment: Divide nuttin’ into nuttin’

Interested in taking charge? Send us a wave.