2011 Disbursements

In 2011, the Alberta Browncoats Society raised a total of $7320.71 CAD for our partner charities.

2011 marks the year that we chose to fund raise on behalf of the Youth Empowerment & Support Services (YESS, formerly Youth Emergency Shelter Society) on an annual basis. YESS provides shelter, safety and hope to homeless and at-risk youth in the city of Edmonton.

As with our earlier fundraising events, we also decided to continue supporting the good works done by the folks at Kids Need to Read and become one of their sponsor organisations. Kids Need to Read was founded by Denise Gary, author PJ Haarsma and his good friend and native Edmontonian, Nathan Fillion.

Our annual Can’t Stop the Serenity event (2010-2013) also benefited Equality Now. While we are no longer participating in Can’t Stop the Serenity, we choose to continue our association with this organization.

The breakdown of our annual funds distribution for 2011 is outlined below:

  • Equality Now: $4845.53 CAD
  • YESS: $1615.18 CAD
  • Kids Need to Read: $860 CAD
  • Edmonton Food Bank: 126 lbs of food