May Shindig: Brown Drinks

Rumour has it Browncoats might enjoy brown drinks. We are thrilled to partner with Happy Harbor Comics and The Malt Troll, Dave Parker (@MaltTroll on Twitter), for a charity tasting to benefit cancer research!

Ticket price: $50.00 per person
(includes samples, food & more!)

Date: Saturday, May 10
Time: 7pm (starting drinks available at 6:30pm)
Location: Happy Harbor Comics (10729 – 104 Avenue)

Several auction items, including some shiny items autographed by Nathan Fillion, will be up for bid as well. Cash, debit & credit accepted.

All proceeds go to the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society.

UPDATE: Brown Drinks raised $3001 for the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society’s team-in -training. 

Earth That Was: Browncoat Bowling [March 22, 2014]

Event: Bowling at Bonnie Doon Lanes
Intrepid Reporter: Andy

Gutter, spare, STRIKE!!!

Three words that anyone would recognize. Bowling was this month’s shindig. We had a good turn out on a windy day, with new people from town and literally from across the globe. Setting up and playing in 3 lanes side by side, bowling balls were thrown, tossed and one or two bounced down the lanes. And some of us tried to beat the odds by bowling two balls at once but with no luck. Hey, were not professionals, we’re here to have fun and raise money for charity.

After a somewhat successful afternoon of bowling, we headed to Boston Pizza for food and drinks to socialize and reminisce about the elusive strike that never was and to get to know one another, and become friends. Which is the way the ‘verse should

Between our bottle drive and bowling, a total of $480.00 was raised for Valour Place with a big thank you to Harold Parlee for his generous donation. The money will go to a good cause.

April is Calgary Expo time and the guest list is fantastic, something for everyone. As always, the Alberta Browncoats will have a charity booth (#200) stocked with shiny goodies.

Until then, stay shiny!!

Earth That Was: Table Top Gaming [Feb 15, 2014]

Event: Table Top Gaming at Happy Harbor Comics
Intrepid Reporter: Andy

To my fellow Browncoats, I do apologize for not writing sooner. Unfortunately the flu had caught up to me, and we all know when it comes to the flu, it pretty much wins everytime. However, I’m back, and I want to tell you about the  February shindig. I know it’s the middle of March but better late than never.

Firefly: the game. It’s quite the experience. Learning how to play and getting started is the hardest part. After that, all it takes is a little strategy and some some time. Once you have that, it is well worth it.

We had our regular Browncoats show up and it was nice to see some new faces both young and old. The cost to enter was a food bank donation. We raised 56.5 kgs (or 124.5 lbs for those of us who are old school). Not to bad at all. And a big thank you to Happy Harbor Comics for once again allowing us the use of their store to play. If you haven’t been to Happy Harbor you need to check it out. Something for the geek in all of us.

Once introductions were made and the game play was explained, Firefly the game commenced. In Firefly: The Board Game, each player captains a Firefly class starship. And now that you’re the Captain, you’re gonna need a crew! You’ll find them all over the ‘Verse – same with gear and upgrades. Once you got your ship set (or as set as you can), look for work! The jobs you accept all depend on how questionable your morals are – will you just do delivery missions for the Alliance, or will you go for the illegal missions? And speaking of the Alliance, they’re out there, too. As are the Reavers Starting out as a captain of your own ship and hiring a crew, five players took to the verse to earn a living all while avoiding the Alliance and the Reavers. Making deals both honest and some not so honest. Picking up and dropping off crew and passengers, cargo and contraband. Completing goals to be able to pay off your ship and call it your own.

The game took about 2 hours with a victor finally emerging. Before starting the next game, door prizes were handed out. Winners received copies of Firefly Fluxx; a game that challenges the most cunning of player to keep up with the ever changing rules and requirements to win.

Now the next game was new it was not a game of player versus player but of working together towards a common goal  In Firefly: Out to the Black Card Game you play as one of the 9 Serenity crew members and work together with your fellow players to face the various entanglements that come your way. You’ll face the Alliance, Reavers, low-down dirty deceivers and all manner of nastiness as you scour for jobs, choose partners for your missions, and ultimately do your best to stay afloat and keep on flyin’!

After working together towards a common goal, and a few close calls, our crew was successful in its mission.

I think the first Firefly Game Day shindig turned out well. Everyone had fun, we made some new friends, and  a donation was made to the food bank. Not to bad for a relaxing and enjoyable Saturday afternoon.

March Shindig – Bowling (& Bottles)!

Curse your sudden but inevitable gutter ball!

We have booked 4 lanes at Bonnie Doon Bowling Lanes. Bonnie Doon offers a 3 game special for $15.00 per person which includes the shoe rental.

Everyone is welcome.

We would also like to do some good for a great organization here in Edmonton. Some of our knitting team were involved in #knitmonton’s Valour Place Poppy Project in Nov 2013 and through them we’ve learned more about this amazing organization. The only one of its kind in Canada, Valour Place is a temporary home away from home for all Canadian Forces members, families of the fallen, veterans and RCMP along with their families who require medical treatment in Edmonton. Through Valour Place, they have the means to face the challenges of rehabilitation in a warm, welcoming and supportive environment, at no cost.

We’re asking all AB Browncoats to collect their bottles from now (Feb 3) until Browncoat Bowling day (March 22). If you’re attending our March shindig, feel free to bring your bottles with you. Otherwise, please contact us to make arrangements for pick-up.  If you’re located outside of the Edmonton and surrounding area, but still want to participate, you   most definitely can. Collect bottles from friends and family, turn those bottles in for cashy monies, and use the Donate button below to send funds on or before March 30, 2014.

Fill the #yegfoodbank box at the Feb Shindig

You ever sail in a Firefly?

A few of our members have gotten their hands on copies of the new Firefly board game. Each game accommodates 4 players and approximate play time is 2 hours.

Not enough time to play Firefly: The Game? We’ll have a variety of Fluxx games with us as well. This card game can be quick and fun.

Happy Harbor Comics has pop and some snack food available for purchase however players are welcome to bring their own snacks.

COST: Food Bank donation

When you come to board game day at Happy Harbor Comics (2pm Feb 15), please bring a non-perishable food item with you. We’re going to try and fill a donation box for the Edmonton food bank.

The Food bank’s most needed items are:

  • beans with or without pork
  • canned meat
  • canned fish
  • canned fruit or vegetables
  • peanut butter
  • macaroni and cheese dinners
  • pasta and pasta sauce
  • cereal and oatmeal
  • school snack items such as juice boxes, fruit cups and granola bars

Let’s show the world we’re mighty and do some good this month!